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The Global Home Décor Market is Growing Exponentially. Are You Ready For the Digital Wallcoverings Revolution?   
Growth in the interior décor market
Wallcoverings is a rapidly growing business within the interior design world. Wallpaper, murals, and other large-scale décor elements today represent an exploding global market. One of the biggest drivers of this growth is the transition from traditional to digital printing. Digital printing shifts the focus from large production runs of standardized designs and small profit margins to small runs of unique products with much larger profit margins.

Customization is the new standard
Another driver is the trend toward personalization of wallcoverings. This leads to an increasing demand for exclusive and personalized products for interior decoration, both for personal spaces as well as in business environments. This offers fantastic growth opportunities for PSPs to expand their businesses.

Quality is key
However, one thing is crucial in this market: Quality is key. Known for its quality, speed, and versatility, the Colorado printer series with the award-winning FLXfinish+ technology is a perfect fit for this market. With FLXfinish+ technology you can print spot gloss and matte wallcoverings on the same print in the same pass, without varnish or additional consumables, while commanding a premium price for your prints and not incurring additional costs. There is nothing like our revolutionary technology on the market! You can count on the award-winning Colorado printer series to deliver industry certified GreenGuard Gold and Type II color consistent, dimensionally stable, and scratch resistant wallcoverings roll after roll even when doing re-runs weeks later.

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