DGI Dye Sublimation Printers

Tree Towns Imaging relied on the multiple Latex printers to print their wallcovering jobs, but they could not achieve consistent accurate color from panel to panel, the color would shift and the panels would not align due to the amount of heat to cure the water based pigment.

Watch this video and see how they resolved these business problems and more.

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The award-winning DGI POSEIDON and FH-3204 dye sublimation fluorescent printers from Canon Solutions America produce exemption color results whether you're printing soft signage, home goods, personalized products, or apparel.

The 64" and 74" POSEIDON and 10' FH3204 printers are built from the ground up for production printing. Using industrial Kyocera printheads to achieve print speeds over 1,500 square feet per hour, the printers run at the same speed whether you print with process colors or with fluorescent inks.

Expand your color gamut with fluorescent inks to produce graphics that stand out from the crowd without sacrificing productivity.

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