Print BETTER, CHEAPER, FASTER with the Océ Colorado 1640 Printer!

See what Eric Berger, Owner of Color Reflections has to say about the Océ Colorado 1640 printer's consistent print quality, ability to meet deadlines and unattended printing capability!

What Resonated the Most to Color Reflections about 
Océ Colorado 1640 Printer?

Print Service Providers are always looking for ways to reduce waste and increase up-time to generate more revenue and increase the bottom-line. The perfect solution exists! The Océ Colorado 1640 printer delivers top quality prints and will meet your tightest customer deadlines.

"In this market everyone has to be aware of their bottom-line. Any waste is equated to the bottom-line, and we are bottom-line people. We are being pushed to print better, cheaper faster and the Colorado helped us in doing this by mitigating waste."

– Eric Berger, Owner of Color Reflections

"With those printheads working simultaneously we have cut our production time definitely in half."

– Sarah Zilink, Account Executive at Color Reflections

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